Aaron Carter Gets Forehead Tattoo

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Aaron Carter has his girlfriend’s name tattooed on the forehead – Check It Out!
Ashley Mitchell March 8, 2020 5:46 PM PDT

Source: theblast.com

Aaron Carter went to social media to show off his new ink and it turns out that it’s not just a face tattoo, it’s also dedicated to his three-month-old girlfriend, Melanie Martin! For most people, it’s a double “no-no” but the singer seems, of course, that their love is already forever to make this permanent change! Aaron Carter Gets Forehead Tattoo Of His Girlfriend’s Name – Check It Out!

That said, the word “Melanie” is now proudly displayed on Aaron’s forehead.

It is a serious commitment!

But it was not the only ink he had recently because there are also three crescent moons on his cheekbone just below the name written in cursive letters above his eyebrow.

The pictures with the tattoos were actually meant to show his new hair color, not the ink, but, of course, social media immediately noticed the change.

Hairstylist Brandon Peach shared a snapshot and next to it he wrote: ‘Aaron Carter. I had so much fun hanging out with the guy and bringing back his brilliant blonde signature.

With any luck, Aaron and Melanie will last a long time and he will never regret the name of the tattoo!

It’s not the only big step the singer has taken!

As you may know, after the tattoo session, the pair went shopping for diamond rings and of course, a clip was shared on social networks in which Melanie tries a huge engagement diamond at a jeweler .