Ashley Graham Gets Her Postpartum Glam

Ashley Graham spoke about her difficulties with her body image during and after her pregnancy. Ashley gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Isaac Ervin, on January 18, 2020, and she talked about her changing body and how she needed to adapt emotionally. Showing bravery throughout her pregnancy, Ashley often posted photos of her bare belly, breasts and thighs and did not correct stretch marks or blemishes. Not only did she talk about her changing appearance, but she also explained how she felt during the pregnancy and now that she is postpartum. Ashley has returned to her glamor with an Instagram photo that looks like Raquel Welch, and her fans are panicking. Ashley Graham Gets Her Postpartum Glam On — Looks Like Raquel Welch

Wearing her hair in a sultry black and white image, Ashley wore a heavy, liquid eyeliner and looked down, showing off her gorgeous cat eye makeup. She posed wearing a black bra and her blouse was unbuttoned giving an attractive flair. She wore a black skirt with the blouse tucked in.

Ashley Graham has 10.6 million Instagram followers and many have sounded in the comments after sharing her beautiful photo. She shared the legend followed
Several other photos of Ashley Graham go viral, but they are older photos. In these photos, which have been compared to those of Raquel Welch, Ashley poses with a red rose. Ashley is beautiful because her hair had a lot of golden highlights and flows freely while the sun gives her a beautiful glow. She held the rose by her lips and posed with gold earrings and more ear jewelry. Ashley is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world and fans are delighted to see her start modeling again and sharing more glamorous photos.