Blizzard Reportedly Adding Game Tokens

In a surprising move that bothers some, Blizzard announced a massive change to the World of Warcraft: Classic experience – but only for a specific region. Blizzard has decided to add the World of Warcraft token to WoW: Classic for Chinese servers.

For those who are not familiar, the WoW token can be purchased as a microtransaction by players and sold on the in-game auction house for gold, the game currency. The buyers of these tokens are other WoW players, who can spend a considerable amount of gold to buy them, and then redeem them for $ 15 USD on their account, or a month subscription.

There are a handful of reasons for these elements. Obviously, the first reason one would think of is that it adds a microtransaction to WoW, which generates a fair amount of revenue for Blizzard. It also reduces illegal gold bots that are used to generate gold, often byBlizzard Reportedly Adding Game Tokens To World Of Warcraft: Classic For Chinese Region

The problem is that it drastically changes the game economy, quickly leading to inflation, as players now have a way to go back and buy gold instead of having to earn it through their in-game quests, agriculture, professions, etc. Only one has to look at the economics of WoW: Classic and compare it to today’s Battle for Azeroth servers to see how radically different the two are, and although there are many reasons for this – scaling equipment, quest rewards, dynamic leveling – tokens are considered a huge reason.

So why is Blizzard adding tokens to Classic? The first problem is the insistence of players and Blizzard that WoW: Classic has practically no change and is as loyal to Vanilla as possible, which is not the case with Tokens. Adding tokens is a massive change and could easily destabilize and swell the game economy.

Second, some players are annoyed that it is only added to Chinese servers and not all around (although others are grateful). The reason for Blizzard here is that the game in China is
Whatever the reasons why Blizzard may have, it seems like adding tokens is bound to come. Whatever their reasoning, the majority of the player base desperately hopes that the Tokens remain specific to China and never join the rest of the servers.