Bug Found In Star Wars The Old Republic

Leveling up in Star Wars the Old Republic is supposed to work in a certain way. When players level up, their health recharges to 100%, they go to a trainer and buy new skills and spend utility points in the chosen discipline.

However, a recent bug introduced in 6.1a has made one of these criteria no longer true. Currently, for the majority of players, hit points drop to 30% or less when leveling up, even if a player is in good health when leveling up. This creates problems during combat, as players can be killed if they are not careful and do not have their companions in a healing position.

This bug can also cause problems with group content. If a player is involved in an intense battle during a flash point, uprising, or leveling up, the group healer may not know that he must heal that player during a battle, causing unnecessary death during boss fights. Bug Found In Star Wars The Old Republic That Causes Health To Drop When Leveling Up Instead Of Refilling As It Is Supposed To

The players went to the forums to inform the developers of this deadly bug. Players have reported death in Flashpoints and every level above. They even reported that the bug dropped companion health to 30% and also killed them. And when a fellow healer is killed, there is no one around to keep the player alive while he tries to survive a pitched battle.

One player theorized that this was due to level synchronization, something that had been in the game for a few years at this point. Level synchronization limits player stats for the planet they’re currently on, allowing them to reach XP level and credits no matter where they go, but other players point out that level synchronization doesn’t has nothing to do with it; it’s a real problem, and some players have encountered it on starter planets, where it would be taxed