Chris Appleton Went To Town On Kim Kardashian’s

Famous hairstylist Chris Appleton went to town on Kim Kardashian’s hair for Paris week and the Yeezy Season 8 fashion show. Featuring multiple lengths and textures, Kim modeled a short and shoulder bob and a tail. deck that extended under its rear. The Yeezy models, including six-year-old daughter North West, wore box-shaped braids. While Kim Kardashian made headlines for her Balmain outfits, she also made fashion news for her hairstyles.

Kim always varies the length of her hair and it is believed that her real hair just reaches the end of her shoulders and is often cut to a length less than her chin. While it is difficult to determine what her natural hair is, it is quite possible that the last photo shared by Chris Appleton actually shows Kim’s real hair. Chris Appleton Went To Town On Kim Kardashian’s Hair For Paris Fashion Week

You can see a photo showing Kim Kardashian’s hair, styled by Chris Appleton in a bob slightly turned under the chin below.

For Kim Kardashian’s first Balmain look, Kim wore a custom headband that matched her latex outfit and kept her hair away from her face. Kim wore a hairpiece that went down to her thighs and many fans were amazed to see the look. Interestingly, while Kim Kardashian wore extremely long hairstyles in Paris, her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, simultaneously wore her own extremely long hairstyles.

You can see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as they attend Paris Fashion Week as Kim shows off her super long ponytail in the video player below
hris definitely had some work to do, because the same day Kim showed another look – an elegant bob on the shoulders. Many people believe that the photo below (as well as the first photo above) represents Ki’s real hair