The Long-Lost Akira Video Game Has Been Found

The anime film Akira is arguably the most popular and popular animated film of all time. Many people attribute the film to its first real introduction to the world of Japanese animation, and the film has become a cultural icon over the years since its initial release.

Over the years, many Akira-related projects are underway, live adaptations to video games, but only one game, released for the Famicom in 1988, has all seen the light of day. However, a long time ago, in the days of Super NES and Genesis, there was talk of another adaptation that was coming to the home consoles.

It turns out that the game was almost finished and was under development by a studio called Black Pearl Software. The Long-Lost Akira Video Game Has Been Found, And There Is Now Footage Available The studio was a well-established development team that had previously released a number of games on multiple platforms, including an adaptation of The Mask for the Super Nintendo.

The developers had received rights to Akira and were originally working on adapting to all the major consoles of the time, including Super NES, SEGA Genesis / MegaDrive, Gameboy, and even an improved version for the CD. SEGA. While development seemed to be going smoothly, the company was eventually forced to abandon the game after facing financial difficulties.

Either way, news of the project got around, and every once in a while new information came out of the scrapped video game. There have even been a number of screenshots that have surfaced in the past few years, and many players are looking forward to the chance to get their hands on the ROM. It seems someone has finally, like the people at Hidden Place, an online wiki dedicated to preserving video games, which has posted a video of the game in progress.